Around the Old City and beyond

With a history stretching back over 3,000 years the Old City of Jerusalem is quite unique. The present street plan dates back mainly to Byzantine times and the encircling walls are from the 16th century. Within the walls the Old City is divided (roughly) into four quarters... Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Armenian. Outside the walls, to the east is The Mount of Olives and to the south, Mount Zion; both places, closely associated with the life of Jesus. Outside the walls to the north and east is the modern City of Jerusalem offering everything you expect to encounter in a modern European City.
So much has been written about Jerusalem and its Old City, we will not attempt to distil in a few lines. Suffice to say, the Pilgrim Guesthouse of Ecce Homo is situated right at the heart of the Old City and within minutes walking of most historic and religious highlights of all faiths. Some links you might find useful, follow. At all-time our helpful staff will be pleased to advise you regarding your excursions to places in the Old City and visits to places further afield.
Of particular importance within our house on the Via Dolorosa, is the Lithostrotos traditionally held as the place of Jesus trial and condemnation and suffering at the hands of the Roman soldiers. The Lithostrotos is a lower pavement, dating back to the Antonia Fortress, 135 CE.



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