Situated partway along the Via Dolorosa makes Ecce Homo the ideal venue for groups to take their lunch break. Easy access from the thoroughfare and a lift to the terrace and dinning rooms makes things particuarly enjoyable for the 'weary' pilgrim!

The different sizes of dining rooms make it possible for us to tailor the table arrangements to suit your group; which can be from as little as three tables (12 to 15 people) up to ten tables (50 to 60 people) or more.

Tables have linen clothes often, with a flower arrangement, and tables are laid to meet the diners.

The typical meal comprises SALAD ENTRE' followed by a HOT MEAL and DESSERT. Following the meal guests are invited to coffee or tea on the terrace or in the lounge.

For those groups wishing to relax a while, following the meal they are invited to be seated in the Salle de Sion and enjoy a short film about Ecce Homo and the discovery of the Lithostrotos etc.

Group luncheon is economically priced and bookings may be made well in advance, with any special dietary needs (vegitarian option etc) advised.

For LUNCHEON BOOKINGS, please email us providing dates, number in party including guide etc. We will confirm availability and cost.

Lunchtime is normally 12.30

email for booking:

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